Displaying associated storage areas

In the interactive report, the link "Associated Storage Areas" is provided in the detailed event display depending on the programming language used. What is displayed when selecting this link depends on both the programming language and whether or not a compiler listing or side file is available to Z Abend Investigator for the program:
  • For COBOL programs without a compiler listing or side file, the TGT and base locators are displayed in hexadecimal dump format.
  • For COBOL programs where a compiler listing or side file is supplied, the source declaration of all fields along with their current content is provided.
An example of the associated storage areas display for a COBOL program with source listing provided is shown in Figure 1.
Figure 1. Sample Associated Storage Areas display
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Associated Storage Areas                                       Line 1 Col 1 80
Command ===> ________________________________________________ Scroll ===> CSR 
JOBNAME: COBLVL88 SYSTEM ABEND: 0CB FAE1 2019/06/24 14:22:45 Task Global Table (TGT) at address 17096448 for length 344 WORKING-STORAGE SECTION - Collapse hex - Collapse level 88 Off Hex Value Data Value Source (Starting a BLW=0000 at address 170BA0D0 0 E6D6D9D2 C9D5C760 E2E3D6D9 C1C7C540 *WORKING-STORAGE * 01 FILLER 10 40404040 * * Suppressed Copybook 2E8 00000000 *.... * 01 FIELD-1 2F0 00000000 0 01 FIELD-2 2F8 00000000 0000 *...... * 01 FIELD-3 01 TABLE-4. 03 TABLE-8 O 04 TABLE-8A 300 426F1C29 1.111100e+02 05 ELEMENT- 304 00000000 *.... * 05 ELEMENT- 88 JACK 88 JILL ELEMENT- 314 00000000 *.... * 05 ELEMENT-

By scrolling down through the displayed information, you also find Linkage Section information, File Section information, and so on, as appropriate for the current program.

Some features are unique to the interactive reanalysis report:

These are explained in the following topics.